Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Rose

A woman’s soul is a delicate rose
That cries out for love

Close intimacy to keep breathing
Happy thoughts to keep believing

A scent of essence in the bed
Wake up in the morning new day ahead

A soul when it is touched, caress
When hands have contact the body for sex

The soul grows into a precious flower
Petals brightens the manicure garden

The watering hose pours more love
To the tall, tighten aromatic dove

of a flower. A baby rose fed and grow
thru love from the soul


  1. speechless.... this is beeeeeeeautiful!

  2. The only thing I would change though is what I call 'lazy language' (I am a stickler for it...sorry) thru = through. Yes?
    Loving the two line stanza and the whole feel of her.